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Name: Luis
Currently: Some shadowy figures appear!
Party: Gyarados(Rick), Raticate(Cage), Meowth(Greed), Hoppip(Breeze), Nincada(Aril)

This route was brighter than the last ones, a sign that we had exited Eternity Forest. Wonder what kind of Pokemons I could fine here? I kind of needed another Pokemon for my party and looks that we are going to need every bit of help.We had been walking in silence for some time now, clearly this wasn't the most talkative group.

"... Guys? I really appreciate you coming... I'm just so... scared. I hope they aren't doing anything... well, you know..." Emma broke the silence, her voice sounded anxious. But her next reaction caught me by surprise, as she stood there paralyzed by something. I looked towards the path to see the reason of her reaction and I saw two shady looking guys coming our way. They had a strange pattern on their shirts, maybe they were in some kind of cult or something. But what struck me most was the conversation they were having.

"She couldn't have gone this far, could she? Not without her own Pokemon...?"

His buddy quickly replied to the other person. "I wouldn't think so, but the boss says she's a slippery one. Just do your job and keep your eyes peeled."

Could they be...? They must be. These guys must be part of the group that kidnapped the village, and now they were looking for Emma. I grab Rick's Pokeball without looking too suspicious and put both of my hands in my pocket. Aril was still on my head, unaware of the two folks that were coming this way. Emma was now behind us, trying to hide from the pair.

''Let's try walking past them.'' I whispered to both JC and Emma. ''But be ready in case something goes wrong.''
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