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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post


Stacy emotions seemed to change throughout the story.
"Ya know I want to stand here and yell at you about your poor actions, making you admit to be a poor trainer really wouldnt be enough here. Im going to help you because I hate to see pokemon being mistreated, but once we get them back you really need to think about what kind of trainer you want to be ! As for those the Mayer Brothers...They are very dangerous..No new trainer stands a chance again."

Stacy pauses taking a pokeball out.
A breloom appears

You can use this pokemon for the time being.

"The brother use some of the old mining tunnels to get around. We should head for Route 2!"
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"I'll admit to anything once my Pokemon are safe." He took Breloom's Pokeball and led Stacy towards the cave door, running as fast as he could. He left his hoodie where it was, it served no purpose anymore, and took her to the room with the tunnel to Route 2. "It was here. I thought the plan was going to work. I really did." A tear rolled down his cheek, and he wiped it away. "I forgot to look out the door window first, and this Mayer guy forgot to cover his tracks. Let's go."

Leaving route 1 and entering route 2
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