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Nightfang turned at the sound of Cobalt's words. At first, she was inclined to argue, but in the end, she realized he was right. She needed to concentrate on getting everyone moving; she couldn't expect herself to be able to constantly look out for danger at the same time. "Good idea," she admitted, and then after a moment added, "Thanks."

Hey, guys, Chip called, diverting her attention to the furret. I think we found some firm ground to get moving on.

"That's great!" she called in relief, glad that they wouldn't have to struggle through more deep mud, at least not yet. She watched Poppy testing the new-found path and concluded that it seemed to go on at least for a little while. It would be a good way to get a head start. "Everyone!" she called out, facing the others, "We-"

Before she had much of a chance to register what was happening, another strange pokemon arrived, a salamence, but even as she got ready for a fight, it became clear that this was another lost Valley pokemon. She was a bit shocked, having not expected that there would still be this many stragglers. "If you're from the Valley," she began, quite certain that he was, "you can join us. We're traveling to-"

She didn't get far before another strange event took place, and Hope seemed to have found a grovyle, one with an odd coloring Nightfang hadn't seen before. Seeing his rough treatment of the pokemon, Nightfang's fur stiffened. "Now, just wait a minute-"

Cobalt was also trying to speak to the sceptile, but to the mightyena's surprise, the grovyle fainted in Hope's grasp. Feeling her anger rising a bit, she let loose a growl and stepped toward the sceptile. "What did you do that for?" she cried. "You should at least wait to see if a pokemon is hostile before..." She mentally shook herself, knowing that getting angry wasn't going to get them anywhere, and she could understand how some of the others felt. She was nervous of the strange pokemon appearing as well, and she had to remind herself that even with their injuries, her group still had the advantage. "Listen," she continued, her voice calmer, but with an edge of urgency to it, "we have to move. Is there anyone who can help this grovyle?" She turned to sweep her gaze across the others briefly before heading toward the path the furret had found. "We need to go this way. We need to get as far as we can before nightfall." She hoped the group would understand and follow, because they couldn't afford to waste any more time.

Bladestrike watched as the pikachu nodded. Im fine, Bladestrike," he said. "Just irritated at the swamp. Ill be glad to get out of here. Youll be glad to get out too, I promise. Itll be a lot easier to walk when were out of the muck.

"I hope so..." Bladestrike sighed. He took a good look at the pikachu, trying to figure out if he remembered him, but everything seemed so muddled that he couldn't be sure. He shook his head, feeling a bit overwhelmed by it. "Will there be food where we're going?" he asked. "Real food?"

As soon as the commotion with the salamence and albino grovyle occured, a look of panic crossed Bladestrike's face and he darted behind the pikachu, not that the pokemon's comparatively small body did much to hide him. He watched the scene with wide, frightened eyes, unsure what to make of it. He was only distracted when he noticed the other scyther, the one he figured must know him from the valley.

"Torin, is there anything I can do to help?" the other scyther asked.

"What's going on?" Bladestrike shouted to the other bug type, still casting confused gazes around the area as he shakily approached, still looking nervously around.

"Bladestrike, leave them alone!" he heard Nightfang cry out in an irritated voice as she stood near the firmer path of ground, waiting for the others to follow her once the grovyle had gotten help. "They're trying to do something important!" She lashed her tail, anxious to keep going.

Bladestrike just stared at her in confusion for a moment until he slowly backed away, moving behind Torin again and out of Gladewing's way. He figured that whatever was happening, he might not be able to get a straight answer soon, and resigned himself to waiting. He hoped that soon, things would become more clear.

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