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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Trying to rally the troops

"Ow... My head... My bag... My... My... My Pokemon!? Oh no! Oh no!" He stood up and started following the trail but stopped. "Wait. I can't do anything without a Pokemon. I won't stand a chance in a fight against those Vigoroth... I need help." Anthony made his way to the entrance of the cave, and marked the outside of the door by tying his torn hoodie to the knob. He sprints back to Stacy as fast as he can, ignoring the sting of the wind. "I hope Stacy can help me!"


Anthony pushes through the cold wind, not letting anything stop him from finding help. As he runs through the woods he finds the spot he believe was the last place he saw Stacy. He calls her name out but finds the field is empty. Determined to do something Anthony keeps searching. As he searches he sees a little tent set up with the a light flickering. Not willing to make the same mistake twice Anthony picks up a rock and tosses it over. Quickly hiding to see what comes out.

Stacy rushes out.
"Whose every out there you are going to wish you hadnt messed with me. " Stacys calls out a different pokemon. The Raticate comes out.

Now is your chance to do something!

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