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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Billy Mayer

Billy let out a little laugh.
"What would I want with you..Chain put the pokemon in the traveling cage..Link deal with our friend here." The vigoroth rushes up knocking you on the back your head. You fall to the ground dizzy. When you get up you can see a trail to to where the Thief had gone. Your bag is also gone and your pokemon !

The underground trail will take you to Route 2 do you follow and continue the chase ??
Trainer: Anthony
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"Ow... My head... My bag... My... My... My Pokemon!? Oh no! Oh no!" He stood up and started following the trail but stopped. "Wait. I can't do anything without a Pokemon. I won't stand a chance in a fight against those Vigoroth... I need help." Anthony made his way to the entrance of the cave, and marked the outside of the door by tying his torn hoodie to the knob. He sprints back to Stacy as fast as he can, ignoring the sting of the wind. "I hope Stacy can help me!"
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