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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
((-Slams forehead on desk- STUPID STUPID STUPID! You always check out the door window. ALWAYS.))

Trainer: Anthony
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Anthony quickly scurried to his fallen partners to make sure they were alright. Azurius was fine, but the rodents not so much. They both had a pulse but were out cold. "Why? Because. A person like you doesn't deserve Pokemon. A person like you makes a person like me angry." He held all three of his Pokemon in his arms. "Anyone who would put Pokemon into cages and starve them is a sick person. No amount of money could justify what you're doing."

He fell to his knees, "So you do whatever you want to me, I just ask that you leave my partners alone. They didn't do anything, they just did as I told them to." A single tear falls down his cheek. "I made the stupid move to approach you. I figured that by staying hidden or following from a distance your Vigoroth would pick up my scent and you'd attack me. The thought of going through the door crossed my mind, but that was an even dumber idea than following you. I figured approaching you would show that I was no threat to you and that we could just pass as travelers on a road. So do whatever you must to me, but leave them out of it."

Billy Mayer

Billy let out a little laugh.
"What would I want with you..Chain put the pokemon in the traveling cage..Link deal with our friend here." The vigoroth rushes up knocking you on the back your head. You fall to the ground dizzy. When you get up you can see a trail to to where the Thief had gone. Your bag is also gone and your pokemon !

The underground trail will take you to Route 2 do you follow and continue the chase ??

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