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Default Re: ASB Announcements

Hello, fellow ASBers. :D Over the past week or so, you may have seen some changes around here, but in case you're unobservant or just a damn idiot (don't worry, you can be our idiot. ♥), here's a synapses synopsis:
~ The way Contest Appeals and Battles are Judged has been revamped completely. Visit the All About Contests, Judging Lounge, and Contest Registration Center for more information. :3

~ Odd Jobs has eliminated the deadlines on sending us your artwork. :D Create some banners for the Stickied threads around here and you may receive $10 per banner we use. We've also added some new Poll Questions, so stop by and earn a bit extra cash.

~ We're being invaded by one of the most BAMF Pokemon ever - Mewtwo! Participate in this Forum-wide event by clicking here and signing up for the Contest that will start on February 1st. c:

~ The Achievements thread has been reopened! Set some goals for yourself and earn some money. :>

~ Also, keep in mind that the Halloween Yard Sale from 2011 is still open! There are plenty of awesome Pokemon still up for grabs, like Conkeldurr, Archeops, and a Pidgeot.
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