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Default Re: Is Trick Room still viable?

Originally Posted by Master Rayquaza View Post
I have been experimenting with a Trick Room Teams for a few weeks now. Now my conclusion is they are not that viable. (Or I don't know how to use them properly.) The problem is it only lasts 5 turns.
The usage stats say that in the higher tiers and LC that Trick Room Teams are not even used 1%. In RU and down they are used 1-1.2%. So my question to you is, are Trick room Teams still viable?
Trick Room team seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur, well as far as usage is concerned. Are they viable though, it really depends on the team. If a person who truly understands meta game were to check on the basic fast offensive pokemon they could step up and lay waste to a lot of teams. The team would really need to be well rounded though.

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