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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Examining his surroundings

((What are my exact surroundings? Is there a window in the room? Either barred or glass? If it's barred, how wide are the spaces between the bars? Is there a chair? Is there a bowl of water? Straw? What do I have to work with?))

"Tch... Mayer Boys... Sounds like some stupid boy band." Anthony scanned the room around him, "Well, now I just need to figure out how to get out of here."
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Anthony himself in a room that has been carved on of hard dirt. There are no windows as he is underground and the only light coming into the room is coming from the three metal bars near the top of the door. Anthony tries to look out but can only see shadows.

How do you get yourself out of this one ??

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