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Default Wi-Fi League Feedback Thread - Help us improve!

Hi all! The league has been running for a while now. I think it's time to assess how things are going, what we still need to implement and what could be improved. Anyone who has joined the league or is considering joining is welcome to share their thoughts about what should be fixed or changed! Including the officials, please! They might include the following:

-Confusing or unclear rules
-Rules which should be changed, added or removed
-Anything you think is missing
-Comments on the availability of wild Pokemon or items
-Comments on the value of stars and items
-Comments on the activity of staff/officials
-Comments on official posts, time waiting etc.
-Comments on events
-Any improvements that could be made, specifically or in general

Basically I would like to hear any feedback at all about the league, whether it is positive or negative. I know there are things that still need to be worked on and improved and it would really help if you guys could point some of them out!
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