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Default Re: Route 2

Name: Snow
Party: Razor(Bulbasaur), Spike(Rattata), Gaia(Sunkern), Lulu(Buneary)
Location: Route 2
This is bad hopefully you guys can win this GO! *throws out Razor and Gaia After recalling Spike and Lulu*
Your gonna feel a world of hurt now. Razor, Gaia Ready To Rumble!!
*Gaia and Razor agree with a loud chant in sync*
Razor use Tackle and gaia use growth. *razor charges at the staraptor with a swift tackle as gaia starts charging* The Staraptor recovers and attacks with a quick attack on Razor stopping between gaia and Razor. Now Gaia use Absorb and Razor Use another tackle to pin it down. *Razor charges at staraptor but it flew up out of Razor's reach* He stops in front of gaia swift enough not to hurt gaia and the staraptor starts flying towards them with a quick attack. Razor use Tackle head On and gaia use absorb on staraptor. *Razor use's tackle to resist the attack* Now Gaia get on staraptor and use absorb quickly! *Gaia jumps off Razor and lands on Staraptors back and use's Absorb* Razor use tackle on my mark and lulu do it again. The Staraptor flies viciously to knock gaia off. Now Razor! *Razor charges at staraptor* Gaia jump and use absorb now. *Gaia jumps off staraptor's back and used absorb as Razor charges with another fierce tackle knocking down the staraptor*
Stand ready for anything else. you free the spinirak now!
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