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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Billy Mayer

The lights the in the tunnel flicked on and off as you mad your way through. As he shoved you along you seemed more curious. This feeling would not last very long as you made you way deeper into the tunnel. The man pushed into a room that was filled with cages. At least 20 pokemon had been locked away. A lot of them looked hungry. The man kept moving you along making small talk.

"Everyone knows the Mayer Boys..I refuse to believe you never heard of us. We are the most dangerous of all the thieves in this region. Hell! We got a bounty on our heads!"
After awhile of walking the man opens up a room and pushes you in. You hear the door lock behind you.
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Examining his surroundings

((What are my exact surroundings? Is there a window in the room? Either barred or glass? If it's barred, how wide are the spaces between the bars? Is there a chair? Is there a bowl of water? Straw? What do I have to work with?))

"Tch... Mayer Boys... Sounds like some stupid boy band." Anthony scanned the room around him, "Well, now I just need to figure out how to get out of here."
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