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The girl nods as she takes in your names. "Okay, JC and Luis." The desperation in her eyes continues as she explains her plight, "Please, something terrible is happening at the Nova Outpost! My father was doing research there, but he has been kidnapped by a group of cruel men! The whole village is being held hostage!"

Wow, was this chick melodramatic or what? That aside, this does seem pretty serious. You can't help but wonder why the police haven't been involved in this.

What do the two of you do?
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By the look of things, this was a serious matter. But why didn't she asked help for the police? Why ask for help to two random strangers when a whole village is kidnapped? I decided to keep this thoughts to myself.

JC also looked very concerned about Nova Outpost, apparently he saw something strange outside of Nova. He then procced to introduce himslef to the lady, I did the same.

''And I'm Luis, nice to meet you.'' I smiled at the girl, trying to cheer her up a bit. ''Well, we should head to Nova before this problem gets more complicated.''
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