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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
((I am convinced my dice hate me. I was going to try hiding, but I figured the Vigoroth might smell me and it would end badly. Same result with following him. Exploring the door would have never been a good idea. GMs shouldn't play games, we overthink every outcome to every choice ))

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"Club House? I'm not dumb, and I'm a tad bit offended you think I am. I know that trying to flee won't end well for me, those Vigoroth look like fast Pokemon. They'd probably catch me before I even got out of sight. So yeah, I'll go with you." Anthony sighed, "Knew I should've packed a coat..."

Billy Mayer

The man smiled
"You got spunk kid, and at point in time, you are going to need it."

You follow the guys lead, while you may appear you can just do what you want, you know that you are really dont have a choice. The Vigoroth walk on the side of you watching your every move. The man pauses at the door.
"Since you already found the entrance you might as well see whats inside." He lifts the door open. As you look inside he shoves you. The fall isnt very far but its enough to cause you limp as you get up.

The vigoroth jump down after you. As the man comes climbs down he growls.
"So how long you been spying us ?"

He shoves you forward into the dimly lite tunnels.

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