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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Making a very VERY stupid move

((Couldn't make up my mind, so I rolled a four sided die to choose for me))

Anthony recalled Selesna and Azurius to their Pokeballs and hid all 3 deep in his backpack. Once he felt they were safe he left the tree and approached the man, "Excuse me? Hi, I'm kinda lost out here. I was supposed to bring these berries back to a, er, friend, but the wind forced me to hide behind a tree." Anthony noticed the man's long trench coat, "A-also, if you could tell me where I might be able to obtain such a magnificent coat I would really appreciate it."

Billy Mayer

*What in the world were you thinking ! This should have been your last option..*

Billy pauses for a moment. The Vigoroth being to start to advance on you. The pound their fists into the ground and growl. You have made a really really bad choice here. The man lets out a little smile, which makes you feel uncomfortable. Whats wrose is you cant really see his eyes, which are covered by the shadow of his hat.
"Not a very good time to wondering out in the forest, kid.." The man steps forward.
"Chain, Link give him some space..." The Vigoroth walk up to you smelling the berries. One of them reaches into your pocket grabbing some of them out. Then they both drop back.

"Well it happens to be your lucky day kid, I happen to have a couple of extra cots in my uhhh club house."

The man motions you towards the wooden door.

Do you go with him or try to get away ?

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