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Default Re: Satellite Pier

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Fishing

(I love how when I tell people the Pokemon I'm looking for, I never get it. When I don't tell them, their first roll for me is it. xD)

"I remember those..." Typhlosion derped.

"Huh? We've never seen them before. I did back in Johto, but never in Celestia." I questioned his response.

"No no, I came from Johto. All Cyndaquil bred for beginning trainers are supplied by the National League." He explained.

"Oh, really? So all Bulbasaur are from Kanto? All Torchic from Hoenn?" I asked.

"If they are supplied by the National League, then yes. They are usually sent from the league as eggs to specified league staff. The staff hatch them, check their health, then send them off." He pointed out. "I was sent from Prof. Elm in Johto to Prof. Cedar!" He smiled.

"Professor Elm?! I knew Professor Elm! He was my neighbor!" I laughed.

"Oh?! So you saw the eggs being delivered to him?" Typhlosion opened his mouth in disbelief.

"Yes! I even think I saw a Cyndaquil egg..." I reminisced.

"Then you saw me as an egg!" Typhlosion laughed.

We were both enjoying a good flashback, then I was shocked. We had forgotten about Chinchou.

"YEOWCH!" I screamed.

Typhlosion quickly looked over to the rod. "W-We forgot about Chinchou!!"

"Erp...Yeah, that's right." I sighed.

I called Volt and Leafia out of their Pokeballs. "Eeev! Bweee!" "Bweevee! Vee!"

"We're going to double on this you two!" I called out. They were too young to talk, but I assumed they could understand me.

"Bwee! Vee Eevee!" "Ee! Vee Ee!"

Suddenly, a Basculin plopped on the deck. He wanted a fight as well.

"B-Basculin? Did it sense we were doubling?" I wondered.

"Basssssculin!" It flopped vigorously.

"Alright then, we'll do a 2 v 2 Wild Battle!" I planned sending Basculin into the water and catching Chinchou. "Volt! Use Trump Card! Leafia, use Return!"

"Bweeeeee! Vee Eev!" "Eevee! Ee...vee!"

Chinchou was knocked off the rod onto the deck. Basculin was knocked back to the edge of the pier.

"Bass. Bassculin!" It charged over, using Soak on Volt and Leafia.

"Soak?! Doesn't that change them to Water Types...? What good would that do?" I looked around. Sudden realization.


It spammed Discharge.

"Volt! Leafia! Quick Attack to dodge!" I commanded.

It was too late. The Discharge had already reached them. Soak meant weakness to Electric attacks, and loss of STAB bonus. "L-Leafia?! Take Down! Vol-t-t...?! Use Trump Card!"

"Eev...Bwee..." "Vee....Eevee." They were in bad conditions, but they continued on. Basculin was finally knocked into the Water, too damaged, or shameful, to return to the surface. Chinchou was to damaged to fight anymore.

"Alright...This better work!" I cried as I tossed the Lure Ball.

The ball turned and twisted...
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