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Your fourth pokeball now flew out of your hand ! as it spun through the air you held your breath. As the ball snapped shut you held you gripped the pocket of your coat.

The ball stops rolling and you have captured Rattata !

A strong breeze picks up as you stand there. Its time to get the berries and head back !
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: retrieving berries for Stacy

"Right, well that takes care of that." Anthony picked up Rattata's Pokeball, "I think I'll call you Dimir." After attaching the ball to his belt he picked up Selesna and put her back on his shoulder, "You did great! I'm proud of you." Selesna smiled at her trainer's comment. "Now we just need those berries." Anthony pulled about 12 berries off the bush and made his way back to Stacy.
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