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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
(NOVEL TIME!!! Judge, I hope you don't mind, but I want to throw a curve-ball here, cuz... it sounds like a cool idea to me xD)

Trainer: Zayna
Team: [Missing]
Currently: Getting out of this prison cell

Screeching, the Noctowl flies towards me with its talons outstretched. I let out a startled gasp and duck just in the nick of time. The bird's claws crash into what remained of the glass case, shattering the sharp material everywhere. Holding the Munna protectively in my arms, I scrambled away before the Noctowl could swipe at me again.

How could I have been wrong? I panted as whirled around, eyes widely glancing about. Munna were the ones that caused dreams--I had never heard of a Noctowl having this ability. I had read in my C-gear Pokedex that they did have unusual psychic abilities, but... Could it really be this strong?


"Munna," I whispered to the trembling pink elephant in my arms. "Please... I need your help. I need to..."

The Noctowl screeched again--the sound mixed with what sounded like laughter. It swooped again, its beak piercing through the air like an arrow.

"Munna, Psychic!" I ordered, bracing myself.

Munna was scared out of its wits, but it listened to me--its eyes began glowing red... and a strange light appeared around the Noctowl. Munna seemed to strain mentally...

But the Noctowl kept coming.

I lept aside, though this time the bird's wings caught me. I fell to the ground, landing hard on my side. By some miracle, the Munna remained in my arms.

*You can keep up this game as long as you'd like, my dear...* the creature whispered in my mind. I looked up to see it flapping its wings just overhead. *I will have you one way or another...*

A flash of anger emboldened me, "I don't think so!" I grunted, then delivered a swift kick to the bird.

I got back onto my feet as it stumbled backwards. That flight or fight response was kicking in--and I was ready to fight... Now that I got a better idea of what I was dealing with.

"Poochyena, Sucker Punch, now!" I ordered.

My dog Pokemon had been waiting nearby, and took the opportunity to strike. The Poochyena darted forward in a blur of motion, radiating a purple aura. Noctowl was taken by surprise and ended up losing its altitude. As it landed, its form seemed to quiver...

"Hurry, Poochy!" I needed a follow up. "Take Down!"

The attack was carried out, and the Noctowl was thrown against the wall. This time, it was no trick of the light. The bird's form shook and quivered until it melted into something else entirely.

I gaped in surprise. I mean, there had been a hunch biting at me since the creep spoke of illusion, but... With my lost memory, I just couldn't place it. But seeing it now, I remembered...

Zoroark--the Illusion Pokemon... and a Dark-type. That's why Munna's Psychic had no effect.

*All right...* the Zoroark growled, pushing himself out of the wall. *You have me. But that won't save you from your fate!*

It swung its sharp-clawed arm and hit Poochyena, throwing it against a glass container. The glass shattered, and Poochy fell to the ground unconscious.

The Zoroark turned to me and smiled maliciously. *Now then, my dear... Where were we?*

It started moving forward towards me. I held my breath, fearing what would come next. Suddenly, however, the Zoroark stopped. It arched its back in pain, squeezing its eyes shut. Its unusual spasm ended, and it fell to the ground paralyzed. Standing behind it was... Pichu. The mouse had come to...

"Munna...?" I asked quietly.

The Pokemon let out a soothing cry, closing its eyes in concentration. Debris rose from the area around them... Then shot towards the Zoroark.

It was over.

Official's Post

The tricky Zoroark had been defeated. To your amazement the world started to fall apart. With the room now crumbling you grab Poochyena and head back towards Munna. Munna looked worn out but she knew she had to get you out of her nightmare. As began to glow you rushed over with Poochyena in your arms. The little Pichu however did not follow it waved goodbye while rushing out of the house.

You wake up in the middle of the forrest on Route 3. You dont know how long you have been there, but you remember everything about the dream. Had you just been in Munnas nightmare. If so what about Poochyena ! as you fumble around your belt you see a single pokeball. You sit up and reach for the ball. As you pick it up you breath a sigh of relief Poochyena had made it back with you. As you get up you also notice

Zayna finds a friendball on the ground.

You then notice the little Munna floating a feet away

Its finally that time !!!! Write a paragraph about the battle or capture !

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