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The ball lands
The ball pops open ! It looks like the first time is not for you. The rattata jumps out. Angry about the attack it charges back at you. Write a paragraph about the battle or 2nd attempt.
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"ARGH! Stupid Pokeballs!" Selesna was too busy laughing at Anthony to notice Rattata charge her with a fierce Quick Attack. "Min!" Anthony rubbed his forehead, "Well, nobody ever achieved anything by giving up after their first failure." Selesna stood up and ran to her trainer's side. "Alright Seles, use Sing!" Anthony plugged his ears as the calming lullaby sent Rattata into a sweet slumber. "Now you should be an easy catch, but knowing my luck, you won't be." He pulled out another Pokeball, kissed the top of it, and threw it at the sleeping Pokemon. When it began to shake he closed his eyes and held his breath.
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