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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Official's Post (for Luis and JC)

Luis and JC take a leisurely stroll though Zenith Town, not expecting too much from the archaic town. JC was headed to the PokeMart to make purchases, though his mind was occupied with prior events. He was thinking back to the incident with the UFO. The sudden appearance and disappearance of the Steelix worried him--but he wondered more deeply about the person he had seen inside its jaws.

The incident was an obvious cover-up, but who was behind it? What did the strange nerdy guy have to do with it, anyway?

Luis, on the other hand, wondered at the gloomy feel to Zenith Town. He had no real destination in mind, but he was curious to see what was around. As chance would have it, he was wandering straight to the PokeMart, same as JC. Luis even watched as JC approached the front doors, but before he could decide whether or not to follow, the doors opened on their own accord.

A teenage girl practically ran into JC. She hastily apologizes, looking flustered. However, she pauses as she took note of the Pokemon accompanying Luis and JC.

"Wait!" she stares at you. "Are you two Trainers? Thank goodness! Please, I need your help!"

She looks at the both of you pleadingly, desperation clear in her eyes.

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JC dodges the hit with the girl. Ashley jumping out the way as well. A little worried about the girl JC turns around. "Ma'am are alright.." before he could spit it out. The young lady responds.
"Are you two trainers?"

I nod looking over at the other guy.

"We dont know each other..." When JC notices the look on her face he cant help but feel a bit at odds. He wanted to continue on but he also just could leave someone who asked for help.

He lets out a weak smile.
"Sure..Im JC..." he looks at the other trainer, reaching out his hand.
"You are ?"

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