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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Officials Post

Anthony wonders through Route 1. Following the general direction Stacy pointed out, Minccino helps him find a patch of berries. Their is only one problem.

As you approach a wild Rattata appears

Write a paragraph about the battle or capture !
Trainer: Anthony
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"Oh. A Rattata... I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with you..." Selesna jumps off Anthony's shoulder and steps toward the Rattata. "You want to fight it? Okay then, let's show this thing we mean business!" Selesna nods and takes a fighting stance. "Alright, lead off with Sing!" Anthony plugs his ears to avoid falling asleep. Selesna lets out a soothing melody that lulls the Rattata to sleep. "Heh. Cake. Great job! Now, follow up with a Tail Slap!" Selesna nods and runs over to the sleeping rat Pokemon. She begins slapping it with her fluffy tail. After hitting it twice, Rattata wakes up and latches onto Selesna's tail with it's powerful fangs. "Shake that pest off you Selesna!" The Minccino begins shaking her tail and running around in circles trying to free her tail from Rattata's Bite. After a few moments Rattata lets go on it's own and begins charging at Selesna. "That looks like a Quick Attack! Try to dodge it!" Selesna is too concerned with fluffing her tail to hear the command to dodge and takes a direct hit from Quick Attack. "Selesna! Are you okay?" The Minccino nods and stares at Rattata. The rat paws at the ground and runs toward Selesna again, but something is different this time. Flames begin to appear around Rattata and suddenly, the Pokemon is covered in a ball of fire. "Is that Flame Wheel? Selesna, ready an Aqua Tail!" Selesna draws moisture into her tail from the air around her, covering it in a blanket of water. Rattata leaps at Selesna and she whips her tail around in response. Fire meets water and a cloud of steam bursts from their impact. When the steam clears, Rattata is rubbing his head on Selesna affectionately. "Must've been your cute charm, huh?" Selesna tries to push Rattata away but he won't budge. "Don't worry Seles, I'll handle this." Anthony says as he fishes through his bag for a Pokeball. "Hit it with an Iron Tail!" Selesna smirks as her tail begins to glow. She quickly whips it around making direct contact with Rattata and sends him flying a few feet. When the little rat lands he instantly limps toward Selesna, "Poor guy, love's pushing him so hard. Well, if you want to see Selesna anymore, you'll have to come with me!" Anthony throws the Pokeball and crosses his fingers as Rattata vanishes inside and it begins to rock.
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