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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Waking up to continue his adventure

Selesna nudged her new trainer, "Minccino! Ccino!" Anthony shifted and opened his eyes, the Minccino was poking him and the Squirtle was rummaging through Anthony's bag. "Ah! Azurius! What are you doing?" Azurius rubbed his belly and pointed at his mouth. "Oh, you're hungry. Right, well... I don't really have any food on me..." Azurius groaned and fell backwards on his shell. Selesna quickly left the tent. "Hey, Selesna!" Anthony sighed and began repacking his bag. There was still no sign of Selesna even after he had packed his tent.

Before Anthony could get anymore worried Selesna returned, carrying 3 berries with her. She dropped them by Azurius who quickly gobbled them down. "Thanks Selesna, I should've packed some food before I left..." Selesna smiled and climbed up Anthony's leg and sat on his shoulder. "Now I just need to figure out how to get back on the road..."
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