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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Name: Snow
Party: Razor(Bulbasaur), Spike(Rattata), Gaia(Sunkern), Lulu(Buneary)
Location: Route 2
Damn this is not good. that looks like a bad pokemon. grr... Spike use tackle and lulu use tackle. *spike starts charging at the staravia to dodge easily for lulu to tackle starraptor to the ground just as it let it's guard down.* let the spinirak go now!! Now Lulu, Spike both of you tackle now! *Spike and lulu both tackle relentlessly starravia knocking to the ground growing more tired as they continue their tackles till starravia is down and spike and lulu stand exhausted breathing heavily* Stop what you doing to the spinirak now*
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Snow is still faced with the angery Staraptor. He can finish the battle with the two remaining grass pokemon, or flee !!

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