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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Lost in the woods thanks to Roy. Gee, thanks Roy.

"Azurius, return" Anthony said as he recalled Squirtle back into his Pokeball. He stood surrounded by trees staring at the two Pokeballs in his hands."You guys are in pretty rough shape right now... I'd love to go search for more Pokemon but I don't want to exert you too much..." Anthony looks around and notices a few trees with a small clearing in them, "I'll pitch my tent and make camp for the night. It'll give Azurius and Selesna a chance to rest."

After digging the pop-tent from his pack and letting it spring open he searched the ground for some dry wood to burn. After starting a fire with some sticks and some flint and steel he let his Pokemon out of their Pokeballs. The exhausted Pokemon curled up by their trainer and the campfire and fell asleep. "Guess that fight really tuckered them out."
You spend a peaceful night under the stars, gaining the rest you and your Pokemon rightfully deserve. The sun rises over you the next day, promising to bring with it a new adventure.

Nothing happens... Continue on your journey!

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