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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

(Ahhhhhh, so far behind D:)

Gladewing (Scyther)
Currently: Saying Hi

Lifewing approached Gladewing, asking for an Oran berry, but before the Scyther could tell him he didn't have any...

Well, lots of new faces showed up. Gladewing glanced around, feeling confused by the sudden influx of strangers. It was all well and good that the valley Pokemon were getting together, but he wondered if he would be able to keep everybody straight. A little drama was passing between the group, since everyone was being wary. It was natural in a situation like this, but Gladewing hoped things wouldn't get too out of hand.

He needed to make sure everyone got a snack, at least. But now he was a bit concerned--looking down at this bushel of berries, he wondered if there was enough for everyone.

Gladewing gazed across the group to where Bladestrike stood with Torin. The older scyther had come to him earlier, but didn't take any of the berries. He knew that they probably wouldn't be that appetizing to his kind, but... Bladestrike should get some nutrition in him. Mentally biting his lip, Gladewing wandered over to the duo.

He stared at Bladestrike, trying to formulate something to say to him... but he chickened out in the end. Instead, he turned to Torin--who seemed to be rather upset.

Just then, Sy walked up and told the Pikachu about the Grovyle. Gladewing knew that Torin probably wouldn't like this news, and so the Scyther gently volunteered, "Torin, is there anything I can do to help?"

Embyr (Glaceon)
Currently: ...

After Symon left, Embyr was approached by one of the newcomers--a brightly-colored fox with long fur. The Charmeleon slowly turned to him and blinked as he introduced himself as Flash.

"Listen, the flame on your tail is really weak, so I'm going to try and strengthen it a bit with my ember attack, is that alright?"

Embyr stared for a bit before her head sank slightly. Perhaps... this was a nod?

Snowsong (Glaceon)
Currently: Talking with Aggranium

Snowsong turned to Aggranium sharply, "Then what do you have to say about Firestorm? Was he not dangerous? Was he not misunderstood? Don't patronize me, Aggranium. You don't understand."

Just then, they were interrupted by Yuri, who was bringing Aggranium a berry. Snowsong glared at her balefully before letting her eyes wander back tot he group.

"Great," she growled as she saw new strangers. "More Pokemon..."

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