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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Dark Dredd
Location: Heading to the most powerful place in the ruins


Shadow Pokemon
(Shadow Pokemon Get a +10 )

As the creature steps out of the light Alyssa heart speeds up. Markus thoughts go ignored for the most part. As Mew lands on the ground Dredd walks up to it, with Alyssa floating behind. Dredd brings Alyssa in close to Mewtwo. Then turns to Markus lifting him off the ground and making him float over.

"With these two together, we are now as close to re creating the moment as possible." Dredd says through his thoughts.

He turns to the two floating in front of him.
"I require nothing Meghan but a scattered memory. Markus, perhaps it would be best for you stop the yammering or my friend here is going to take whats left of your memories. "

Mewtwo steps forward reaching into there minds. The light starts to flash on and off faster and faster until finally color starts to filling.

Markus and Alyssa feel something surge through there thoughts a memory that doesn't seem familiar.

*Light pierces the sacred ruins. Two figures emerge from the bright light. The strange grayish white creature moves through first. Right after him follows a man carrying a body.
"You should have left the body..." The creature calls out.
"That was not an option! When and where are we !!!" *

A bright light flashees and the memory is stopped.

*Light appears again this time three people appear. Markus charges in. He has a pokemon in his hand.
"Where are they ! Where, Im going to kill him ! My powers are gone...My pokemon." Meghan falls in after, a dying Charizard falling next her. She wraps her arms around its neck.
"What has he done!"

Markus turns to her
"This is your fault Meghan ! your fault !"

Another person falls through. Neither of the two people recognize him.
"You two have to shut up ! We have to find Moon and Max."

Markus flips out.
"Max, Max He is the reason we are here...Everything is F*&(ed !" Markus grabs his head, dropping to his knees.
"Something is wrong..I dont remember how I got here." The unown appear in the back ground. Meghan drops down on the ground, she sees a stone and crawls over.
"One of the stones..." She looks at the Unown who now speak to her thoughts. She knows they are running out of time. As she watches Markus and the other guy start to freek out.
"Listen you have to help us...Something has happened to us..We have followed a dangerous pyschopath through a time slip. Our memories are slipping, please help us stop them..Help us our pokemon are gone..This stone is something he needs to infect more of the world..Hid it, if die burry us..Never let Dredd or Mewtwo find this.." Meghans words seem insane at first as she faints next to her poor charizar who has passed she says
"Please stop him."
Unowns ? spins around.
"M#E#G#H#A#N##I#S#R#I#G#H#T#P#R#O#T#E#C#T##T#I#M#E #!#"
(flash back has ended, Markus and Meghan can now remember there dead pokemon, they wont remember the third guy, or what exactly happened other than they were chasing someone named Max, and a creature called Mewtwo. I know its limited but you have mroe time to figure stuff out.)

Dredd moves closer to Megahn.
"Time she is a strange thing Meghan, the stones she was locked until right now...seems the ancients were smart enough to limit its power." Dredd lifts up the stone and places its a Meghans face. She feels a burning pain as the stone lights up. Dredd pulls it back quickly.
"With this stone, We are now back on track....Imagine a world where darkness effects every longer will the weakness of children control them...As for your friend out there he is going to be the first subject of a new test. We are going to transfer life...His life to be exact..into everything that has been lost." Dredd turns around, looking at Mewtwo

"Now for the boy...leave this two to parish in time."Dredd walks out of the light focusing his powers on Damien.

Mewtwo walks to the two.
*Its a shame really, your kind is infected with greed and terror, and thats not even the sad part. The sad part is even if they knew what was coming they would still be their own worse enemies.*

On the other end Dredd has emerged with the stone he lifts it up in the air a beam shoots out of it and hits Damin in the chest. Soon strands of light come out of his chest. He feels himself getting weaker..The streams move through the ruins and into the broken tombs that the dark man had been looking for.

*If you are wondering why it must be you, you are not connected to the passed..You energy belong here and now....Your sacrifice will not be in vain.*

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