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Default Re: Dungeons and Dragons: Desert of Deception - Character Archive

Basic Info
Character Name: Orianna
Level: 1
Race: Entomorian
Class: Rageblood Barbarian
Size: Medium
Height: 510
Weight: 200lbs
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Kord
Initiative: 17
Speed: 6 Squares
Character Background: Orianna was born and raised in the vast desert. Her family was wealthy, not rich as in money flowing everywhere, but they had enough to make ends meet. On the day of her birth there was a massive tremor that killed half of her colony. Some members of her colony fear that this is a sign that she will bring about their doom, others think it was just a random occurrence. Before leaving her colony she was in the military, as all female Entomorians are. When she left her colony to find rare treasures in the shifting sands, she abandoned the disciplined military lifestyle and adopted a carefree barbaric lifestyle.

Strength: 16 (14 + racial bonus)
Str modifier: +3
Str mod + half your level: 3
Constitution: 14
Con modifier: +2
Con mod + half your level: 2
Dexterity: 13
Dex modifier: +1
Dex mod + half your level: 1
Intelligence: 12
Int modifier: +1
Int mod + half your level: 1
Wisdom: 12
Wis modifier: +1
Wis mod + half your level: 1
Charisma: 13
Cha modifier: +1
Cha mod + half your level: 1

Max HP: 29
Bloodied (half HP): 14
Surge Value (quarter HP): 7
Surges per day: 10

Defense Bonus: +4
Fortitude Bonus: +5
Reflex Bonus: +1
Will Bonus: +1
Passive Insight: 11
Passive Perception: 16

Features, Feats, and Skills
Racial Features:
Low Light Vision (Can see normally in low light)
Hollow Skeleton (No weight limit)
Class/Path/Destiny Features:
Barbarian Agility (+1 defense while not wearing heavy armor)
Feral Might (Rageblood Vigor: Gain Swift Charge)
Rage Strike
Rampage (Make a second basic melee attack as a free action after scoring a critical hit)
Improved Initiative (+4 to initiative checks)
Skill bonuses:
Arcana +3 (+2 from background, +1 from associated ability score modifier + 1/2 my level)
Athletics +10 (+5 from being trained, +2 from background, +3 from associated blah blah blah)
Dungeoneering +3 (+2 from racial bonus, +1 from ability mod)
Endurance +8 (+2 from racial bonus, +4 from backgrounds, +2 from ability mod)
History +5 (+4 from backgrounds, +1 from ability mod)
Intimidate +6 (+5 from being trained, +1 from ability mod)
Nature +3 (+2 from background, +1 from ability mod)
Perception +6 (+5 from training, +1 from ability mod)
Languages Known:

Devastating Strike
Howling Strike
Swift Charge
Avalanche Strike
Bloodhunt Rage

Weapon 1: Maul
Weapon 2:
Weapon 3:
Weapon 4:
Armor: Hide
Other Equipment:
Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch
Trail Rations x20
Rope 50
Sunrods x2
Currency: 0gp
Weight limit: None
Weight carried: 100lbs
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