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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Roy calls to you.
"Come on Anthony you can do it !"
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Trying to capture a Minccino

"Yeah, but I don't want to hurt her much more. I don't think she can take another hard hit..." Minccino shakily stands up and limps towards Azurius, her tail absorbing the water from the last attack. "Is... Is it using Aqua Tail?" Sure enough, the water begins to swirl around her tail as she picks up speed and begins to walk faster towards Azurius. "Get ready to retreat into your shell Azurius!" Azurius nodded and stood up. The water around Minccino's tail swirls faster and faster until it looks like her tail is made of water. "Now Azurius, use Protect!" Before Azurius can even move, Minccino quickly sprints forward and whips her tail around smashing into Azurius and sending him into a tree. "Azurius!" The tiny turtle Pokemon falls to the ground and lets out a groan of pain. Minccino falls to the ground and crawls towards Azurius, most likely with the intent to make sure she's won. "I can't stand to see her so injured. Minccino! Please! Let me help you!" Anthony pulls a second Pokeball from his bag, and kisses the top of it, "Here's for lady luck!" He throws the ball at Minccino and crosses his fingers when it begins to rock.
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