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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Trying to capture a Minccino

"Alright! Thanks for the help Roy! Let's do this Azurius!" Squirtle steps forward towards the Minccino. The Minccino tilts her head and stares at Anthony. "Azurius, use Water Gun!" Squirtle inhales deeply and then sends a stream of water towards Minccino. The cute rodent Pokemon jumps up to dodge the attack and counters with Swift. A shower of stars hits Azurius and knocks him down. "Azurius, are you okay?" Azurius stands back up and nods, "Squirtle!" The Minccino rushes Azurius and repeatedly starts slapping him. "Ah! That's Double-Slap! Quick, use Protect!" Azurius retreats into his shell to avoid taking more damage. Realizing her attacks are useless, Minccino hops away from Azurius. "Alright, now Bite it!" Azurius springs back into action and runs to Minccino. Before she can react, the Squirtle latches onto her tail. Minccino manages to shake Azurius off her tail and leaps back. Her tail begins to glow as she jumps in the air. "Look out Azurius! That looks like an Iron Tail!" Azurius quickly rolls to the side as the Minccino's tail makes impact with the ground. "Quick, while she's stuck hit her with a direct Water Gun!" Azurius looks up at Minccino and smirks as he inhales. A look of worry grows on Minccino as she tries to pull her tail from the ground. It's a futile effort though, as Azurius unleashes a spray of water and hits Minccino. The force of the attack freed her and sent her a few feet back. She stood up to walk away but fell over and let out a weak "Min... Ccino..." Anthony pulled a Pokeball from his bag, "Don't worry girl, I just want to be your pal. I'll get you healed up as soon as I can." He threw the Pokeball at Minccino and with a flash of light, she vanished inside the spherical device. Anthony held his breath as the ball began to rock.

School Boy Roy

The ball shakes
The ball pops open ! Awww man ! but it looks like you got lucky because you will get another shot!

Roy calls to you.
"Come on Anthony you can do it !"

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