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Default Re: Create a 6th gen pokemon

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
Rather modest, but modesty is nice

might be a little bit broken, but i have added it, but i think you should reduce the speed or make it frailer.
Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
Name: Bonehead
Pokédex #: 665
Species: Skeleton Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Fighting
Ability: Steadfast/Featherweight (same principle as Light Metal)
Stats: 70/80/70/20/70/100 (Total: 410)
Bone Rush
Bone Club
Close Combat
Sucker Punch
Shadow Punch

Name: Zomboxer
Pokédex #: A deserved 666
Species: Zombie Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Fighting
Ability: Steadfast/No Guard
Stats: 80/130/80/25/80/145 (Total: 540)
Same as Bonehead
+Focus Punch
Like so?
Credit to mayfan1000. VPP Browser Post

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