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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

School Boy Roy

Roy smiles at you.
"Oh, you want to find the Minccino! Thats not so hard if you know were you are looking. They live in big hollowed out trees !!" Roy and Minccino lead you to the edge of the tree line.
If you head north through this path of tall grass you should run into one ! If you want I can go with you !"

Roy gave you some advice, if he also offered to go with you. Do you allow him to join you ?
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Searching for a Minccino

Anthony put his hand to his chin for a moment. On one hand, Roy would be able to help him find a Minccino, but on the other he would have to travel with someone. The benefits outweighed the cost and Anthony nodded, "Right. Let's go. Thank you by the way." Anthony picked up Azurius and followed Roy north.
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