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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: trying to avoid being a creeper

"Hi, my name's Anthony. I noticed you had a Minccino and was wondering if, maybe, you could tell me a bit about them. See, I really want to capture one and I think they're pretty rare around here..." Azurius walks over to the Minccino and pokes it's tail. "I figured having any info would be helpful. That is, if you don't mind helping me out."
*you got really lucky with your first*

School Boy Roy

Roy smiles at you.
"Oh, you want to find the Minccino! Thats not so hard if you know were you are looking. They live in big hollowed out trees !!" Roy and Minccino lead you to the edge of the tree line.
If you head north through this path of tall grass you should run into one ! If you want I can go with you !"

Roy gave you some advice, if he also offered to go with you. Do you allow him to join you ?

Originally Posted by Lunaron View Post
party rhyhorn
''ill go to route two then'' *flees from meowth* *accidentally forgetting about girl!* ''wild meowth.....did i just flee without the little one?'' -_- ' ''oi'' ''might as well keep going'' *continiues running toward route two*
*you are going to be on Route 1 until Wednesday at 3pm.*

You run blindly down Route 1 for no reason after about 15 minutes you stop. Running has worn you out. You lean against a tree to catch your breath. As you lean against the tree you notice a piece of paper stapled to tree.

"Do you read it ??"

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