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Originally Posted by Lunaron View Post
party rhyhorn
looking for sandshrew why have you seen them?

Explorer Katy

Katy paused.

After a moment she paused.
"Sandshrew dont live around here. Rattatas, Pidgeys, Sunkerns and Meowths are the pokemon I see most."

As you talk with her you hear something moving in the bushes. You watch the pokemon climb the tree

A wild a Meowth appears.

Wirte a paragraph about the battle or capture

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Stalking a school boy

Anthony stood up and shook his head at Chris, "Nah, I'm all good. Thanks though." As he was about to try a different location a quick moving blur caught his eye, "Could it be?" Azurius didn't seem to notice the quick moving Pokemon.

"Alright! now a little fast."

Anthony spotted a School Boy who seemed to be the Minccino's trainer. "Tch... Already belongs to a trainer..." He thought for a minute and then snapped his fingers, "He might know how to find one easily!" He walked over towards the school boy, "Hey! Hey kid! Can I talk to you?

School Boy Roy

Roy turns his head watching you walk over. Minccino pauses watching you approach. The young trainer steps forward.
"Uh Sure... Did you need something ???" he looks a little confused.

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