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Originally Posted by Lunaron View Post
fc 4814 5975 3598
party rhyhorn
entering from andromeda beach
''wonder what rock pokemon live here?'' ...notices rhyhorn....''rhinodon why must you eat random berries from a random plant? i told you never do that what if it belongs to another pokemon? ya big return!'' rhyhorn goes back in pokeball
''well thats done...lets see if i were a ground or rock pokemon which rock would i be under?.....hhhmmmmm..." *EYES BULGE WHILE STARING INTO SPACE*

Explorer Katy

While you search for a rock pokemon. A little girl wonders up to you.
"So..." She bends over looking at what your doing.
"What are you doing?"

Do you respond to the little explorer ?

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Walking

Entering Route 1 from Andromeda Town

"Alright, now the adventure begins. Now, let's see if I can find a Pokemon." Anthony started looking for burrows and rock crevices, hoping to find a Minccino. "Come on Azurius, help me find a Pokemon." The Squirtle began poking around some bushes, just to keep his trainer happy.

School Boy Roy

You arrive on Route 1, hoping to find Minccino. The hard hitting little citter is hard to find on this route. As you Squirtle start to walk out into the tall grass you see a boy standing in the field. He seems to be talking to something.

"Alright! now a little fast."

The little critter swiftly speeds passed him

Do you keep searching or approach him ?

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