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Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Hanging with a cool brah, brah.

"Me? Surf? Nah, I'm no good at surfing." He stared at the surfer's, well, outfit. "Aren't you cold out here? I can't imagine the water being very warm." Azurius's mouth foamed with bubbles as he smiled at Dan.
Official's Post

Surfer Dan

The surfer smiles.
"It is cold little bro, but these kinda waves only come around once or twice a year. If you truly love something weather shouldnt stop you from doing it?" He looks at your pokemon.
"Im guessing you are just starting out! Well little bro you and Squirts over here should head to Navi Town..pretty close place, plus some good training from here to there !"

Surfer Dan goes to head back to the water.
"OH, and one last thing little bro. If you see another surfer in Navi Town let him know Dan said he missed the big ones !"

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