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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Name: Snow
Party: Razor(Bulbasaur), Spike(Rattata), Gaia(Sunkern), Lulu(Buneary)
Location: Route 2
ok so it is gonna be a two on one. Let's go Spike and Lulu. *Throws the pokeballs* go spike use tackle and lulu use attract now!!! *lulu charms one of the thugs staravia while spike tackles down the other staravia. now both of you use tackle *Lulu and Spike both tackle the same staravia unconcious.* *the thug retaliates with a quick attack as spike endures with another tackle* now lulu finish it with tackle and lulu tackles staravia to the ground. what were you gonna do to the spinirak??
Offiical's Post

Snow's pokemon moved in quick trying to take advantage of the battle. The grunt rushed over and shouted

"Star get up!"

to your amazement the staravia gets back up. The bird looks very anger and starts to glow.

The newly evolved Star sends out a blast of wind knocking out lulu and Spike. With only two grass types left you are going to have to battle smart to beat the fully evolved flying type.

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