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Default Re: Shiny Pokemon

First shiny was a Shiny Gyarados in Gold. xD Only caught it because I liked the shiny animation. I didn;t even know what a shiny was for a long time after.

In HG, I saw a shiny Stantler in the Safari Zone, but it fled before I could catch it. :(

A few playthroughs later, I SRed for a Shiny Ho-Oh and a Shiny Lugia. Got both! Took like, 89373248934895 years. -_-

In White, I saw a shiny Minccino on Route 5, but it was a double battle, both female Minccino, and I got confused and KOed the wrong one. DX

In White forest, I met a Shiny Mareep and caught it. :D

In B2, I found a shiny Golduck as my first encounter on Route 22.
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