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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

Yhea, WXYZ was kind of the thing. A quartet, possibly with W and Z paired closer to each other than X and Y (and vice versa).

Also, does anyone sense a Poison-Dark type Legend coming? considering it's DNA going on, something to showcase a 'mutation' in the gene seems appropriate. Like, a fifth Pokémon out of those four. That, and its something for poison-type fans to get excited about. "A Poison Legend! AT LAST!!! GAMEFREAK HAS STARVED US OF OUR FAVORITE TYPE'S LEGEND NO FURTHER!" Alternatively, with the Axis theme, a Psychic-Dark type Legend even more an otherworldly beast than Giratina to represent W (the fourth dimension we've yet to discover).

Also, considering the DNA theme, do A, T, G and C Pokémon sound horribly out of place? A Pokémon would do well with T Pokémon, and G Pokémon would do well with C Pokémon (as A binds to T and G binds to C in DNA). They might be Legends, they might not be Legends, but that sounds likely, eh? (Assuming the theme is DNA, again).
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