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Default Re: Death Penalty

As long as they're sure that they did the crime, they should die, otherwise be beaten badly. No matter how big or small the crime. You just shouldn't commit the crime. The reason I say this is because it should give you the insentive not to do a crime... I mean you shouldn't be doing the crime in the first place, so I really wouldn't mind... I mean as long as you aren't doing anything bad you won't get hurt. I mean it's just something people shouldn't do. The only reason they do it is because the punishment is light and they are willing to risk it, but if they're risking their life, they KNOW they are so if they get caught that IS their fault.

And do we even know what death is? Sure, people can imagine what happens when our bodies break down, but nobody can prove or disprove any theory; nobody knows. Perhaps we're sending criminals on to a better life. Perhaps not. Opinions on the death penalty are highly influenced by beliefs of death. Personally, I think it most likely that there is not an afterlife, and nobody, however horrendous their crime, deserves to have their life ended in such a way.
That doesn't make sense. I mean we all are going to die, so if we get rid of them we won't have to deal with them at all. I mean if we're sending them off to a good place, then why aren't we all killing ourselves? It just doesn't make sense. We're sending them away permanently so we don't have to worry about murderers and other bad people. I mean good or bad ahead of us, we all die sooner or later anyways.
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