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Default Shiny Pokemon

Ahh...shiny Pokemon! What a wonder to behold! Talk about the LEGIT shiny Pokemon that you caught here.

I caught 3 on my White. My first one was a Pidove. I was training my baby Smeargle in the double grass on Route 3 when out came a Blitzle and a Shiny Pidove. I was like OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My second one was a Boldore. I was wandering around in Challenger's cave when I was thinking about catching another shiny Pokemon. Ironically, a Shiny Boldore appeared a few seconds later.
My third one was a Krabby. I was trying to fish for a Clamperl with a good nature on Route 4, but Krabby and Luvdisc also appear there too. I'd let my rod go, and it came back with a yellow Krabby!
I'm out...
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