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Default Re: King of the Hill

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
I called you out for saying the hill (The objective of the game) was an illusion. :P. You're dealing with a Reality Warper and you're Pokemon God. I expect this to get weird...Just not aggravating when someone who goes out of his way to make the hill not exist.

Anyways, I use telekinesis to manipulate the M-16 into firing at you. you're in need of healing, I take the hill.

Well as you're warping reality, that is the equivalent to making the hill exist or not, thus making you just as guilty. So don't be pointing all the blame at me when you're doing the same kind of trolling
Originally Posted by vegetunks937 View Post
My hill as i am bored reading all ur ways
Since Latio still wants to play God, I call out my Arceus to use Protect and the bullets ricochet off of the barrier. He then uses Rock Slide and knocks Latio and vegetunks off the hill in a storm of falling boulders. After returning him, the hill is mine.
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