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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Merchant Sam

She smiled.
"Im Sam ! I work for the Zenith shopping center. Im out here offering people a chance to get their hands on some of the unique items sold there."

She shows you the list.
TM05 Roar - 50 stars
TM49 Echoed Voice - 50 stars
TM51 Ally Switch - 70 stars
TM53 Energy Ball - 90 stars
TM70 Flash - 100 stars

PokeBall - 16 stars
Great Ball - 24 stars
Nest Ball - 24 stars
Timer Ball - 24 stars
Net Ball - 24 stars

Officials Post

Felix watches his Rattata get knocked. He rushes over picking up the injured.
"Well I really wasnt expecting that !"

Felix calls back Rattata.
"Im not going to say you are good in anyway, but you are very lucky !"

Felix takes off annoyed.

Pual receives 5 stars for winning
Trainer: Vege

Currently: talking to merchant

Sorry but i do not have any stars. Vege said. Can you give me some?
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