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Default Just some boring Paperwork and whatnot...

Anthony's Trainer Record

B2 in-game name: Anton
Friend Code: 3697-7844-2830
Starter Pokemon: Squirtle

Number of stars: 7
Stars spent: 16
Total stars earned: 23



Pokegear v3.0
Pokeball x3


Species: Squirtle
Gender: Male
Obtained: Starter (PokeBall)
Date: 1/21/13
Level: 24
Battles: 10

Species: Minccino
Gender: Female
Obtained: Route 1 (PokeBall)
Date: 1/21/13
Level: 25
Battles: 10

Species: Rattata
Gender: Male
Obtained: Route 1 (PokeBall)
Date: 1/23/13
Level: 24
Battles: 5
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