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Default Re: Mew and Mewtwo invasion is upon us.

So, if you’re like me and just skimmed the previous post, then I suggest you go back and actually read it because you’re missing out on some of my awesome writing skills and large back story otherwise.

Okay, now that you’re up to speed, here’s the nitty gritty of what you need to know:

• This will be a Contest Tournament, meaning that it’s rules are the exact same as any other ASB Contest. If you haven’t read through them before, here’s a link. Contest Passes are now free and no longer need to be purchased before participating in contests. Registration will take place here.

• You can only use Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon that aren’t weak to Psychic-type moves. So you couldn’t use an Ariados, for example, as its partial Poison typing makes it 2x weak to Psychic attacks. Since this is a Contest, you’ll have to “bring” at least two Pokemon that fit this theme.

• The Appeal Arena will be the slightly marshy forest near the coastline, the Preliminary Arena will be set in the deep, humid jungles of Faraway Island, while the Final Arena will be set in the desecrated Laboratory itself. Make sure to utilize the surroundings to make your appeals and attacks as interesting and effective as possible.

• Rather than receiving a ribbon for your efforts regarding this quest, you will receive a medallion (designed by the wonderfully talented Dino) of your choosing. Their exact appearance will be released once a winner is decided.

• As if a pretty-yet-pointless rewards wasn’t cool enough, the winner will also receive $35 and two Vitamins/Items of their choosing. The second place prize will be $20 and a free Vitamin. Every finalist that advances past the Appeal Round will receive $10 and a randomly rolled Item valued at $25 or less.

• All evolutions for qualifying Pokemon from now up until January 31st will be FREE for all participants. Yep. This is to ensure that you arrive with as powerful a Pokemon as possible. But please sign up in this thread before you attempt to evolve your Pokemon.
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