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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

(I've been curious about the WFL for a while, and hey, maybe this will get me to dive back into Pokemon headfirst again. My interests are a roller coaster... haha. I can't say for certain how active I'll be here, but I figured I'd just give it a shot.)

Anthony slipped into the lab silently and crept around the room. "Sterile, clean, unnerving..." he muttered as he pulled an old ratty book from his hoodie pocket. "Let's see... I know it was in here somewhere... Aha!" He folded a corner of the page down and made his way towards the woman in the lab coat. "Excuse me, I have been told that this is the place to receive a Pokemon here in the Celestia region?" He opened to the folded page and handed her the book, "I would like this Pokemon please. I believe it's called a Squirtle? Gramps never did like writing the names down by his pictures..."

Name: Anthony
Pokemon: Squirtle
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