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Trainer: Paul
Party: Sentret
Currently: Trying to capture a wild Rattata

Sentret heard something rustling in the bushes. His ears perked up as he tried to identify the source of the noise. It was a wild Pokemon! Sentret let out a cry to let Paul know he found something. When Sentret let out the cry a Rattata leapt out of the bushes. Paul knew his Sentret wasn't exactly best friends with Rattata right now, but Paul desperately needed a new addition to his party. Rattata could provide the speed and power that Sentret could not. Paul ordered his Sentret to use Quick Attack on the wild Rattata. Sentret sped towards the little rat Pokemon and clobbered him in the face. The nice STAB priority attack took away a chunk of Rattata's health. Rattata spat at Sentret and retaliated with a Hyper Fang, but Rattata was blinded with rage and the attack just barely missed. Rattata actually managed to get a small mouthful of Sentret's fur. Rattata spat out the fur, angry he missed the foe. Rattata outspend the Sentret and leapt at him, using another Hyper Fang. This time the attack was a hit. Rattata bit Sentret's arm and dragged him to the ground. Sentret quickly used Slash to claw Rattata in the face to make him let go. Sentret was about to use Sucker Punch, but Rattata used Quick Attack to out speed and make Sucker Punch fail. Sentret was knocked to the ground again. Sentret's hate for Rattata began to increase even more. Sentret used another Quick Attack to knock the Rattata to a point in which it would able to be caught with a Pokeball (hopefully). Paul grabbed a Poke Ball from his belt and hurled it at the Rattata. The ball opened up and a light emerged from it, engulfing the Rattata. The light drew the wild Pokemon into the ball and then it snapped shut. The ball shook once... twice... thrice............

(If I do catchy the Rattata would I be able to give it egg moves or no?)
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