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Default Re: Aurora City

Gwaine Slink Bitey Hedwig Electron Moonlight
Currently: Waiting at pokecenter for Minako

I ran into Aurora city, and bolted towards the pokemon Ranch. The Torchic family was my second favourite, to the Ralts Family. I had wanted one for ages. I wen to the pokemon ranch and purchased a Torchic.

As I walked to the pokemon center, I stared at the pokeball which contained my torchic. I had a full party, so the button was red and the ball sealed until I boxed a pokemon.

I got to the pokemon center, and put Slink and Bitey in the PC. My party was now Gwaine, Bubble, Flare (the torchic), Hedwig, Electron and Moonlight.

I pressed the button on Bubble and Flare's Pokeball.

The two pokemon appeared on the table in front of me.

"I am calling you Flare." I said to the Torchic. He smiled, making happy noises.

"And you already know your name bubble." I said to the Azurill.

I handed all my pokeballs to the nurse, and sat waiting for Minako, playing my guitar.

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