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Name: Elise
Species: Grovyle
Location: swamp
Currently: ...

Elise was shocked that someone had already noticed her. "Come out. I know you are there. We are peaceful if you mean us no harm. We won't hurt you." She looked for the Pokemon this voice belonged to. She spotted a Gallade of odd coloration. She could relate to have strange colors. She was not entirely sure she believed him, but she was contemplating and even preparing to leave her hiding place. That was until she heard a voice behind her. "Being white isn't exactly an advantage." It was almost a whisper. She was startled and paralyzed by fear. She heard something vague about mud. She did hear, "I can break your neck now..." Beyond that her panic was too great to hear any more. She could feel that she was dragged from her hiding place. Her body was locked. She was unable to speak, hear, or move. She soon found breathing difficult. She no longer could identify where she was. The world was black.

She was hanging limp in the Sceptile's grip. She was no longer conscious.

Name: Malachi
Species: Salamence
Location: Swamp
Currently: In the group with a raised eye ridge

"At least you can fly." Malachi raised an eye ridge. He guessed by the words and gesture that this creature was having some difficulty getting into the air. “Well, what a happy group we’re turning out to be.” He raised both ridges and shook his head in minor confusion. He honestly was not sure what he meant by this.

He stood and stared for a short period of time before hearing, "That Salamence could’ve easily been a monster, here to attack us.” He looked in that direction. "I can hear you," he spoke simply. He continued to find this group strange. It is not often you see a Sceptile holding up a Grovyle. He didn't even bother to acknowledge the color. He continued to be in this somewhat confused attitude.
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