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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Official's Post

As Minako and Cobalt continued their journey towards Aurora City, Cobalt heard some rustling in the bushes near the side of the road. They stopped, Cobalt took a peek, and...

A wild Azurill appeared!
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I looked at the Azurill, then at the last pokeball I had. A Dusk ball.

"Jacob might not get wifi again for a while, and wont be able to get stars through battling, so I wont be able to get more pokeballs" I thought as I broke the fourth wall.

"Azurill evolves into water types, which I lack, and learns water type moves." I thought to myself. "Screw it I will catch it!"

"Hedwig! Time to battle!" I said as I threw the pokeball into the air. Hedwig came out, and was flying in the air above me.

"Hedwig! Confusion!" I shouted. Hedwig's eyes glowed red, as a high pitched noise cut through the air. I blocked my ears, and watched the Azurill squirm in pain.

Hedwigs eyes dimmed, as the Azurill opened it's mouth, squirting a jet of water towards Hedwig. It knocked Hedwig back, ruffling her feathers.

"Hedwig! Peck!"

Hedwig flew towards the Azurill. But the Azurill dodged the attack. As it spun, it whipped Hedwig with it's tail knocking her onto the ground.

"Hedwig! Sky Attack!"

Hedwig glowed in a silver light. She flew up in the air, where none of us could see her. A few seconds later, she shot down, ramming the Azurill, who flinched from the attack.

"Finish it off with Hypnosis!"

Hedwigs eyes glowed red, and after a second, the Azurill's matched. It's eyes dropped and it fell asleep.

"This had better work!" I said throwing the Dusk ball. The Azurill was caught in the dusk ball, which shook as it tried to escape...

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