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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

As Cobalt shouted into the trees at what looked like nothing, the ancient Sceptile stood out from the haze, holding a white Grovyle.

“Yelling out is not exactly a good idea, friend. It’s easy to track us as it is. This young Grovyle here must still explain herself. That Salamence could’ve easily been a monster, here to attack us.” said the Sceptile.

The grovyle was getting paler by the second. She was panicking.

"Please let go of her. She looks like the is going to faint." Cobalt said to the Sceptile. "If she does mean us harm, which I don't think she does, I will stop her myself."

Cobalt noted her age. She didn't look much younger than him. Cobalt was 19, but since he evolved early, and unnaturally, he looked like he was in his late 20s.

The grovyle was breathing faster and faster. Cobalt wasn't surprised, being snuck up on, and dragged out into a group of potential enemies isn't the most fun experience a pokemon can have.

"Please try and be calm. This can't be good for you. I don't want to hurt you." Cobalt said...

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